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ChessBase 60 Minutes Mega Bundle سری کامل تا سال 2016 فیلم آموزشی شطرنج بیش از 30 محصول جدید 60 دقیقه ای chessbase کاملا تصویری آموزش شروع بازیهای مختلف -تاکتیک -استراتژی - آخربازی-وسط بازی
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Training60 Minutesبازدید در سایت اصلی

Beat the Slav the classical way - Rustam Kasimdzhanov 

ضرب وشتم دفاع اسلاو توسط استاد بزرگ و قهرمان اسبق جهان قاسمجانوف

The Slav has become one of the most popular defences against the advance of the d-pawn on the first move, and every ambitious d4-player faces the question how to successfully tackle this opening in tournament practice. The strongest attempt is considered to be the move 4. Nf3, leading to interesting positions which promise White good chances to get an advantage.Black s main replies are 4. dxc4 and 4. e6. On this DVD Rustam Kasimdzhanov investigates in detail the line 4. dxc4, in which he has great experience. ،،Showing selected grandmaster games, the ex-world champion shares his knowledge with the viewer to explain how White has to place his pieces and which plans he has at his disposal. ،،Learn the secrets of the dxc4-line and improve your chances of success with 1.d4

Play the Sicilian Najdorf - Loek van Wely ،،

سیسیلی نایدروف توسط استاد بزرگ لوک وان لی

In 60 minutes you will get a crash course how to play such a complicated opening like the Sicilian Najdorf by the hands of GM van Wely who knows by experience how the dangers look like! ،،The contents:
Video 1, 2, 3: ،، how to survive versus whites most aggressive approach: 6. Bc4, 6. Be3 and 6 Bg5. ،،
Video 4: how to deal with the latest fashion in the Najdorf 6. h3 and last but not least
Video 5: how to play vs the more classical set ups ،، 6. ،،
Be2 ،، and 6. g3

The Korchnoi Gambit against the French - Sam Collins ،،

دفاع فرانسه گامبی کورچنوی توسط استاد بزرگ سام کول لاینس

The French Defence is one of Black s most popular and uncompromising responses to 1.e4, and it s important to have a viable weapon prepared. In this presentation, IM Sam Collins explains the Korchnoi Gambit, which is characterised by White placing his king s knight on f3 in the Tarrasch variation. The gambit is introduced in its pure form after 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 2.Nd2 Nf6 3.e5 Nfd7 4.Bd3 c5 5.c3 Nc6 6.Ngf3!?, but can also arise after Black s other common third move responses 3...Be7 and 3...c5. Over the course of analysing several recent high level games Collins explains how White should proceed whether Black accepts the offer (6...cxd4 7.cxd4 Qb6 8.0-0 Nxd4 or 6...Be7 7.0-0 a5 8.Re1 cxd4 9.cxd4 Qb6 10.Nb1! Nxd4) or declines with the fashionable lines based on the aggressive counterstrike ...g5.
The King in the center - Adrian Mikhalchishin

کنترل مرکز توسط استاد بزرگ آندری میخاییل چیشین


Trainers recommend to beginners to be careful with their own king and to castle as soon as possible. But at higher levels grandmasters can sense the danger of having the king in the centre much more precisely and in many cases the king in the centre is safe, which allows them to conduct fast flank attacks or to create a powerful centre. A big fan of such a strategy was Mikhail Botvinnik - he called it the delayed castling strategy .

Being safe in the Berlin Defence - Leonid Kritz ،،

ضرب و شتم دفاع فرانسه واریانت برلین توسط استاد بزرگ لئونیدکریتز

Being ،،safe ،،in the ،،Berlin ،،Defence

by Leonid Kritz
Since Vladimir Kramnik became world champion in 2000 due at least in part to the ،،Berlin ،،Defence, this opening setup has become extremely popular. … ،،Leonid ،،Kritz ،،has annotated for ChessBase Magazine a lot of top games with this opening. … In his videos he demonstrates: - a program for Back after 4. … 0-0 Nxe4 5. … Nc3 and thenKritz’ recommended setup 9.

The Botvinnik System in the English opening - Valeri Lilov ،،

سیستم باتونیک شروع بازی انگلیسی توسط استاد بین المللی والری لیلوف

Bishop against Knight - Adrian Mikhalchishin ،،

فیل در مقابل اسب توسط استاد بزرگ آندری میخاییل چیشین

Play the Exchange Variation against the Caro-Kann - Nigel Davies ،،

دفاع کاروکان توسط استاد بزرگ نایجل دیویس

Unorthodox against the French Winawer - Dejan Bojkov ،،

دفاع فرانسه شاخه ویناور توسط استاد بزرگ دجان باجکوف

Pressing straight away - The London System 1.d4 d5 2.Bf4 - Henrik Danielsen ،،

سیستم لندن توسط استاد بزرگ هنریک دنیلسون

The Benko Gambit with g3 - Henrik Danielsen ،،

گامبی بنکو توسط استاد بزرگ هنریک دنیلسون

The Grünfeld Main Line - Lubomir Ftacnik ،،

دفاع گرونفلد توسط استاد بزرگ لوبومیر

No need to fear the Slav Exchange Variation - Henrik Danielsen ،،

دفاع اسلاو توسط استادبزرگ هنریک دینلسون

A clear program to fight the Panov Attack - Henrik Danielsen ،،

حمله پانوف توسط استادبزرگ هنریک دینلسون


An Anti-Sicilian Repertoire - Loek van Wely

ضد دفاع سیسیلی توسط استاد بزرگ لوک وان لی

Fighting the Grünfeld with g3 - Adrian Mikhalchishin ،،

Attacking the Semi-Slav with g3 - Robert Ris ،،

دفاع نیمه اسلاو توسط استاد بزرگ رابرت ریس

Play the King s Indian Defence with g3 - Adrian Mikhalchishin ،،

دفاع هندی شاه توسط استاد بزرگ آندری میخاییل چیشین

Winning with the fantasy variation - Lawrence Trent ،،

برد با واریانت فانتزی توسط استاد بزرگ لارنس ترنت

An effective way of meeting the 6.Ne5-Slav - Henrik Danielsen ،،

دفاع اسلاو شاخه اسب ای 5 توسط استاد بزرگ هنریک

Fighting for the initiative with the Fajarowicz Gambit - Robert Ris

مبارزه برای ابتکار عمل با گامبی Fajarowicz  - رابرت الگوی آر آی اس

Andrew Martin -6.Bg5 in the Sämisch Variation of the King s Indian

دفاع هندی شاه واریانت زمیش استاد بین المللی اندری مارتین

Attacking with the Italian Game and the Ruy Lopez by Sergei Tiviakov 

شروع ایتالیایی و رولوپز استاد بزرگ سرگئی تیویاکوف


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